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Heavy Equipment Transport

Our comprehensive fleet and experienced drivers can transport large vehicles such as trucks, buses, farming machinery, mining vehicles and equipment, heavy-duty construction vehicles and equipment and so much more.

Over-Dimensional Freight

We are your one-stop carrier for shipping your oversized and overweight cargo. We are fully licensed and insured to transport your over-dimensional freight. Our experienced drivers know the rules, regulations and restrictions to safely and legally transport such cargo. We will coordinate all government-necessary requirements for the shipment.

Piloted Cargo

As required in transporting over-dimensional freight, a pilot, or escort, vehicle(s) will be utilized to ensure the safety of all parties involved and the safe transport of your cargo to its destination.

At PHANTOM TRANSPORT we are always ready to go the extra mile.We provide you with up to the minute information to track your freight every step of the way. We can help you transport from a single pallet to heavy equipment, PHANTOM TRANSPORT is the best option to meet your transportation needs.

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